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Easy Ceiling - is a software for design and pattern cutting of stretch ceilings

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     Universal software for stretch ceiling cutting, which can be used by manufacturers, as well as by their dealers. The software allows designing a stretch ceiling according to required sizes and calculate parameters of ceiling panel cutting.

     Software functions:

  • Creation of a drawing with an option of crossed diagonals
  • Creation of a drawing by setting the angle degreeő
  • Quick formation of elliptical ceilings
  • Option of step-by-step drawing creation
  • Option of manual editing of the basic drawing
  • Adding of additional shapes to sides of the basic drawing and cuts (triangle, rectangle, circle, arch), which makes it possible to create free-form cuts
  • Automatic rounding of a preset angle
  • Option of setting the level junction (for tray ceilings), which allows avoiding calculations in case of complex ceilings
  • Option of internal cut loading from a file with a ready drawing (important for tray ceilings, when internal cuts are a part of the stretch ceiling)
  • Setting of spot lights arrangement (makes coordination of spotlights location with clients simpler, later on there can be created a printing with spotlight location coordinates for installers)
  • Option of moving one or several walls (sections) according to the specified value (on customer’s request it is possible to make a wall offset for mounting of the curtain rod to the main ceiling or to leave a space for a sliding door wardrobe)
  • Automatic joint alignment (6 modes), as well as manual setting of joint offset to the required direction
  • Multitexture features of a ceiling - this function allows combining a ceiling of several colors and textures, it is possible to change the panel width
  • Panel cutting taking into consideration the shrinkage ratio
  • Cutting optimization – this function allows minimizing material usage during cutting, due to ideal arrangement of the pattern along the panel width
  • Automatic determination of panel breaking – this function allows minimizing material usage during cutting, due to division of a panel into several separate parts, if the panel shall be initially divided by an internal cut or an obstacle on a drawing
  • There is an option of copying a ready drawing to the clipboard to insert it later into other documents (for example, into MS Word)

Available printing formats:

  • For customers – contains the information about the order (information about the customer, fabric, room dimensions, arrangement of joints and spotlights)
  • For installers – contains the information about the order, ceiling drawing and coordinates for installation of embedded details (for tray ceilings)
  • For manufacturers Cutting – contains the information about the drawing for pattern cutting (coordinates of spots for pattern cutting for each separate panel)
  • For manufacturers Cutting by panels – contains the information about each separate panel (panel image and its coordinates, for multitexture ceilings it contains material usage)
  • For manufacturers Joint cutting – contains the information about the ceiling in general and coordinates for ceiling peaks, taking into consideration shrinkage (intended for manufacturers who do not perform pattern cutting by panels)
  • For manufacturers Image – contains the information about the customer, dealer and ceiling (many manufacturers stick this list to the ceiling package)

    The basic cost of the program is 850$. The dealer version is distributed by manufacturers for free.

    Additional functions:

  • New! function "Multitexture" - allows combining different textures/colors of arbitrary shape (wave, cut and others). This function automatically calculated by the area of ??each invoice, as well as you can specify a preset angle in each area for the selected invoice.

  • function "Minus ceiling" - makes it possible to save time during measuring of tray ceilings and during installation of these ceilings in an office, by deduction of separate parts of multilevel structures from the basic ceiling.

  • function "Manual formation" - allows loading the ceiling sketch, which was drawn by a designer (in *.bmp or *.jpeg format). In order to use the function it is required to run a contour of a future stretch ceiling and specify the length of the maximum side, then the function will automatically calculate all diagonals, which are required to create a drawing in the program (in a usual situation you will have to calculate each diagonal by yourself).

  • function "ART-ceiling" - allows uploading pictures to make, coordinate and print blank forms of ceilings with photographic printing elements. There are available simple operations with images (rotation, scaling, reflection).

  • Support of SBPotolok format – allows opening ceiling files, created in SBPotolok (another name is DecoMat), thus it gives an opportunity to work with the old ceiling DB.

  • Calculation - makes it possible to automatically calculate the cost of ceiling construction for the dealer and the final cost for the customer, taking into account supplementary works during installation.
  • Bar-code generation - allows adding a bar-code to all printed forms, which is generated from the order field (the bar-code format is EAN128–may contain Roman letters, figures and special symbols).
  • Individual adaptation - individual functions of the program can be modified upon customer’s request).

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